The theatre is closed for the 2023 season. We look forward to seeing you in Easter 2024.


Published Winton Herald 25 February 2022

Over the last 12 months, the Royal Theatre Winton has been creating more hype than crypto currency.  The team at Winton Movies Inc. (WMI) have launched a new campaign to raise funds for an important restoration project.  Through the Brick Coin campaign, they are looking to raise $50,000 by May, to be eligible for a further $25,000 donation from Creative Partnerships Australia.  This funding will enable the delicate restoration of the theatre flooring. 

The existing theatre flooring is made up of bricks recovered and recycled after the fire of the Royal Mail Hotel in 1938. After 83 years, the bricks are uneven and damaged. Significant works are now required for the safety of guests and to sustain the authenticity and history of the building.

This work is planned to commence in 2023 and it follows a number of restoration projects in 2021 and further renovations planned for 2022.  Last year, the team at WMI raised money through grass roots fundraising to restore the theatre foyer, build 100 new canvas seats, develop a new museum and update the bathrooms.  This year, the team are directing grant funding to restore the entrance steps, enclose the projection room, develop an even better museum experience and build a new Candy Bar at the rear of the theatre.  The 2022 renovation program due to commence this month has unfortunately been delayed due to resource and supply issues.  It is expected to be completed prior to the Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival, which centres around The Royal Theatre Winton and attracts many visitors.

The WMI team are asking for your support to complete the delicate flooring restoration.  Please head to the website ( and buy your Brick Coin today.  In return for your coin ($250), WMI will proudly display your name in The Royal Theatre Winton.

Buy your Brickcoin today.

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