The theatre is closed for the 2023 season. We look forward to seeing you in Easter 2024.

Let me tell you
a story

Enjoy one of the world’s most unique cinematic and live performance venues under the Outback Queensland sky.

The Royal Theatre Winton is operated by not-for-profit group, Winton Movies Inc. and is the home of extraordinary event experiences from seeing your favourite stars on the silver screen to hosting your own business, arts or cultural event in a unique setting.
Winton Movies Inc. is building on the Evert family’s lifetime preservation of the theatre and supporting tourism in western Queensland. Our purpose is centred on promoting film and cultural experiences for the benefit of the local Winton community and the Queensland Outback by reinvigorating the magic of the theatre into a world-class facility.
“Just a few lines to let you know that this story is going to be all about me.”
– My Brilliant Career, 1979
Winton Movies Inc. (WMI) is a not-for-profit entity that was established in 2018. Our purpose is to promote film and cultural experiences for the local Winton community and the Queensland Outback.
Our vision is for The Royal Theatre Winton to be an iconic creative and cultural epicentre for the Winton community and Queensland outback.

Our objectives to achieve this vision and purpose is to build an innovative and sustainable operational business that generates economic and employment activity by bringing new audiences to Winton and Outback Queensland through the open-air Royal Theatre Winton.

This iconic theatre built in 1918 is just one of two open-air theatres still operating in Australia and it has been in the Evert family since 1937. The team at Winton Movies Inc. are a group of passionate volunteers and family members who are motivated to support the region and build on the Evert family’s lifetime of preserving the theatre.

Vince Evert bought the theatre in 1964 following the death of his father, John Thomas William Evert (Bill). Vince Evert, who passed away in 1998, is known as the Father of Tourism in Western Queensland.  He had a vision to see the need to promote tourism as an industry in the town, based on Winton’s rich history, delightful and varied landscapes, opal and people. Vince was the founding chairman of a new Tourist Association to promote tourism in Winton and the Outback.

On the retirement of Peter Evert, Winton Movies Inc. has been established to reinvigorate The Royal Theatre Winton.

Geraldine Coughlan, daughter of Vince Evert, is passionate about the project and says she wants to build on the family’s lifetime preservation of the theatre and supporting tourism in the Outback. Importantly, Geraldine says, “This is a unique opportunity to evolve the theatre into a world class multipurpose facility and for it to become a cultural epicentre for the local Winton community and the Queensland outback.” James Evert adds, “Our heritage is in Winton and we see this project will bring new audiences and new events to Winton, contributing to sustainable economic and employment activity for the region.”   

The WMI team are currently undertaking a program of renovations to continually improve the facilities of this iconic theatre so that it can be enjoyed by future generations and to support the region.

Lydia Evert chairs the Business Development subcommittee.  She says, “we are a group of passionate volunteers who are motivated to support the region and we can’t wait to see our big plans for this old girl. Everyone we talk to is excited about the project and we are building a fantastic network of partners who are right behind us. I can’t thank the Winton Shire Council enough for their support, likewise, we have had great support from local business and tourism associations.” 

This renovation stage is being funded through grass roots fundraising and grants. Project Manager Gavin Evert, “After we complete the Candy Bar project, we have a lot more work to be done and we need all the help we can get! We need to enclose the projection room to protect the equipment from the elements, we are building more deck chairs, have flooring to repair, the museum will be moved to better showcase the history, the entrance is to be restored, the bathrooms need work, we have some structural work and a lot of painting to be done.”

Get involved today with a donation and you can follow Winton Movies Inc. on Facebook for the latest updates.

Evert children – Peter, Neale, Vince, Lenette, Maureen and Margaret

Vince Evert

Candy Bar renovation volunteers James Evert and Martin Evert