The theatre is closed for the 2023 season. We look forward to seeing you in Easter 2024.

Royal Foundation Membership — Terms & Conditions

The Royal Theatre Winton is operated by the not-for-profit group, Winton Movies Inc. (WMI), which is the name of the incorporated association. 

WMI’s purpose is centred on promoting film and cultural experiences for the benefit of the local Winton community and the Queensland Outback by reinvigorating the magic of the theatre into a world-class facility.

Our vision is for The Royal Theatre Winton to be an iconic creative and cultural epicentre for the Winton community and Queensland outback.

1 — What is the Royal Foundation Membership?

The Royal Foundation Membership is a limited membership offered by WMI to raise funds and bring together people who are passionate about the restoration of The Royal Theatre Winton, so that WMI can achieve its objectives and vision.  

For a contribution of $1000, the Royal Foundation Membership entitles one person, as nominated on the membership application form, the following;

  1. Free entry to movies hosted by WMI, i.e. movie events that are run by WMI, it does not include privately held events at the Royal Theatre Winton where the theatre has been hired privately, e.g. Vision Splendid Film Festival and Way Out West Fest.   Free entry extends to one guest and their dependents under 18.
  2. Discounted tickets to special ‘Royal’ events hosted by WMI.   A Royal event is a one-off unique event that WMI may periodically run.    Royal Foundation Members will receive discounted entry, which will be communicated to members.
  3. Each member is entitled to a nameplate that will be displayed on one of the iconic canvas chairs in the theatre.  The member may elect what they want displayed on the name, which will be limited to <include the character limit> characters. The WMI committee may reject applications if they are over the character limit or deemed inappropriate. 
  4. Royal Foundation Members are members of the WMI association and therefore will have voting rights as per the WMI constitution.  

The following is not included in the Royal Foundation Membership;

  • No discounts or free list is available at events that are not hosted by WMI.   The Royal Theatre Winton is rented from WMI by some groups for special events and therefore they will not acknowledge the Royal Foundation Membership.  This includes major events such as the Vision Splendid Film Festival and the Way Out West Festival.

Membership is effective from the date the payment of the $1000 fee until the membership ends (as per section 5).  Each Royal Foundation Member must supply the members name, phone number, email address, residential address and mailing address.  Members are advised to join the Royal Theatre Winton Facebook group to follow news and special events.

2 — Cooling Off Period

  1. A 48-hour cooling-off period applies to all members. During the cooling off period, you can change your mind about becoming a member.
  2. To terminate a membership agreement within the cooling-off period, you must submit a letter or email to the WMI ( saying that you do not wish to proceed with the membership. 

The cooling-off period starts from the date and time that you pay your membership fee of $1000, which enters you into a membership agreement. If you cancel your membership during the cooling-off period, then your membership fees will be refunded.

3 — Admission and Rejection of new members

The WMI committee will formally consider all applicants for membership at the following committee meeting held after it receives;

The application for membership; and

The appropriate membership free for the application.

  1. The management committee must decide at the meeting whether to accept or reject the application.  If a majority of the members of the management committee present at the meeting vote to accept the applicant as a member, the applicant will be accepted as a member for the class of membership applied for.
  2. The secretary of the association must, as soon as practicable after the management committee decides to accept or reject an application, give the applicant a written notice of the decision.  
  3. If the application is rejected, the paid membership fee will be refunded.

4 — When membership ends

  1. Resignation – A member may resign from the association by giving a written notice of resignation to the secretary or by emailing stating that you wish to cancel your membership. 
  2. Termination – The management committee may terminate a member’s membership if the member—

  • is convicted of an indictable offence; or
  • does not comply with any of the provisions of these rules; or
  • conducts himself or herself in a way considered to be injurious or prejudicial to the character or interests of the association.

  1. Before the management committee terminates a member’s membership, the committee must give the member a full and fair opportunity to show why the membership should not be terminated.
  2. If, after considering all representations made by the member, the management committee decides to terminate the membership, the secretary of the committee must give the member a written notice of the decision.
  3. Any notice for appeal must be made to the Secretary within 1 month after the person receives written notice of the decision (as per the WMI Constitution)
  4. The organisation is wound-up – The Royal Foundation Membership and associated benefits attached to The Royal Theatre Winton, cease if the WMI association is wound-up.
  5. If, in the event WMI does not hold the lease of The Royal Theatre Winton, benefits associated with the Royal Theatre Winton will cease. 

How will the Royal Foundation Membership funds be used?

Your membership goes directly to the WMI Restoration Fund.  The purpose of this fund is to complete upgrades to the theatre’s facilities so that it can host more events into the future.

What is the purpose and objectives for WMI?

The objects of the association are—  
1. Enter into a long-term lease with the owners of The Royal Theatre Winton

2. Facilitate the organisation of events and festivals at the open air picture theatre 

3. To maintain and upgrade facilities, including the projection equipment 

4. To host cultural and community events 

5. To promote the theatre as a unique destination and experience, and to promote it as one of just a few open-air picture theatres in Australia. 

6. To utilise the many facilities available at the theatre, including stage, skating rink, catering 

7. To provide a centre for media and film education, and to promote local history 

8. To preserve the facilities and equipment and maintain a Royal Theatre museum 

9. To employ staff (full time/part time/casual) as required from time to time 

10. To work as part of the overall tourism industry in Winton, and investigate packaging of products 

Our Commitment to you

  • The WMI committee and team will deliver upgrades to the theatre to restore the heritage of the building and bring new events to Winton as per our charter and constitution.
  • You will be kept informed of progress with exclusive news content from the WMI team.
  • The WMI team will operate within the regulations and boundaries outlined in the WMI Constitution.